For security concerned people

Be in control of your digital life !

Currently, browsers, email clients, and instant messaging, are entrance in your own privacy. When browsing is free, your personal data are the product, except with non profit organisations. Malicious people can enter in your privacy using small pieces of software embedded in web pages, images, or mail attachments. They install in your digital world. Then, they may load large pieces of software that track everything you do, including access to your financial information. Last but not least, ransom software may be installed. Protect your privacy with SECUR.COM products Optionally buy remote detection of threat. Our products are reserved for individuals (capable and virtuous).

Our advanced offer is about a SECUR.NET personal secure system. It is either a mobile phone, a laptop or a desktop customized for you. Advanced users may also buy a set of customized personal servers (mail, personal web, own cloud...).

For now, ours services are only open to beta-testers.